Three takeaways from the Super Bowl and how it applies to your business

Yesterday's Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles was an unforgettable game that highlighted the power of teamwork, strategy, and perseverance. There are several key takeaways that can be applied to the business world. Here are three that I am going to share with you:


  1. Have a goal and a deadline for achieving it: Both teams had a goal and that was to win the game and the championship. Their time to achieve this goal was limited to 60 minutes of game time. Not at their choice, that is how this game is played. Prior to reaching the super bowl, their goal was to make it through the regular season, reach the playoffs and then play against one other team. What starts out with 32 teams at the beginning of the season, comes down to 2 teams to reach the super bowl.
    In a few months, it starts all over again. The 32 teams have another chance of reaching the super bowl and winning the championship next year
    What is your goal and what time limit are you setting yourself for achieving it?
    How many other businesses are you competing against? Either knowingly or not knowing about them at all?
    The good news is that you can “play” multiple games at a time, numerous times per day, week, months, or year. Meaning that you can prospect and market to multiple clients at a time.

  2. Strategy: I am not a football expert, as I grew up playing and watching soccer. However, I have noticed that football is highly strategic. If I understood yesterday’s second to last play correctly, the player didn’t score a touchdown on purpose, to have a strategic advantage with very little time left to play.
    What is your strategy to find new prospects, nurture the relationship and “win” them over as a client?

  3. Be Prepared and constantly improve: Being average is neither good enough to reach the super bowl. To leave the stadium as a champion, you must show up at the top of your game. Yesterday’s game was another display of the importance of physical as well as mental preparedness. During half time, the Kansas City Chiefs players talked about how they each had to step it up more than in the first half, if they wanted to come out ahead over trailing the Eagles 24-14. Not to mention their training schedule during the season. Exercising, practicing plays, and being coached. All this to improve their game and get better at what they are already very good at.
    How well have you prepared yourself and your business? How well is your team prepared?
    What is your “locker room” conversation? Either your inner self talk, or with your employees?



Football is a team sport with players in various positions, coaches and a support staff.

There are factors within the teams’ control, while other factors are outside of their control.

Just like in the world of business. There are factors that you have total control over, while you can't control other factors.

Who is on your team?
Who is responsible for the different areas of your business?

One of the success principles I teach is to take 100% responsibility!

The state of the economy, what competing businesses are doing and other factors that might affect your business are outside of your control.

What you CAN control however is how you think about those events around you and how you are responding to them!

Build yourself a winning team!

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