Are you still hiding behind Gmail and other generic email addresses?

As a business strategist and coach, I’ve seen many businesses still relying on generic email addresses like for their communication needs. While such platforms may be convenient, it’s time for businesses to start branding themselves by using email addresses that represent their brand, such as or Here are three reasons why businesses should make the switch:

Establishes credibility: In today's business landscape, credibility is everything. As such, it's essential for businesses to create a professional image that exudes trustworthiness and reliability. Using a custom email address can help achieve this goal, as it indicates that a business is serious about their brand and wants to project a professional image to their clients and customers. I have seen business cards that show the business's website "", yet their email address is still "".
With a custom email address, businesses can also customize their email signature and add important information such as the company’s logo, social media handles, and website link. This not only provides a professional look to emails but also helps promote their brand and social media presence.

Brand recognition: A custom email address that reflects a business’s name, such as, can do wonders for reinforcing brand identity. It makes it easier for customers to remember the email address and associate it with the business. It also adds a level of professionalism and legitimacy to the brand, which can positively impact a business’s reputation.
When a business uses a generic email address, they’re essentially promoting the email service provider’s brand instead of their own. By using a custom email address, businesses are promoting their brand every time they send an email, which can help in brand recognition and recall.

Better email deliverability: Emails sent from a custom email address have better deliverability rates compared to those sent from a generic email address. This is because some spam filters and email providers may view emails sent from a generic email address as suspicious or spammy.
A custom email address with a domain matching the business’s website domain can help businesses ensure that their emails are delivered to the recipients’ inbox and not their spam folder. With a higher deliverability rate, businesses can be assured that their important messages are getting through to their intended audience.

To establish yourself in a Market Dominating Position, that distances yourself from your competition, build brand recognition and generate more revenue, using a custom email address is part of the whole package. It provides several benefits for businesses, including establishing credibility, reinforcing brand identity, and better email deliverability. These benefits help businesses project a professional image and build a strong brand that resonates with customers. Making the switch from a generic email addresses to a custom email address is taking the first step towards strengthening your brand and achieving their marketing goals.


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