Hartmut, you are a truly powerful leader! You inspired me to see my world with new eyes and I will forever be grateful! My changes are incredible and evident in my DAILY life! Thank you for empowering me to venture out into the world with vigor and certainty unknown to me before. Your coaching has propelled me in a new direction full of action and dedication to an outstanding life! With gratitude,

Cheryl D.,

I had a huge breakthrough with Hartmut Eggert as a coach. I spent all my adult life suffering over something. Within 20 minutes, he (Hartmut Eggert) helped me breakthrough the suffering and my burden disappeared.

Scott G.,

No matter what business you're in, Hartmut can provide the insight and tools needed to succeed. He explains concepts clearly and helps you recognize mental blocks that keep you from achieving your full potential. I'd definitely recommend his workshop.


I had a wonderful workshop with Hartmut. He is a great speaker and a good listener. He listens carefully and when you say something he will catch your thought and will give a feedback. Now I understood what types of blocks I have relating with the money. Thank you, Hartmut!


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