Change your Words to change your World

Words are powerful and are a reflection of how you think! Here are 3 words that you must eliminate from your vocabulary, so that you can achieve better results:

  1. Problem - Whenever you say "We have a problem", most people focus on why it  happened and who is to blame for it. All the focus is on the past and what lead up to it. It can also lead to tunnel vision, meaning that you may not be able to quickly identify a solution for overcoming it. Instead, say "We have a situation", or "We have an opportunity", so that you can focus on how to take care of the current "situation". When you look at how you can address the situation, your brain automatically looks for answers.
  2. Can't - Can't is a word that limits choice and makes it sound like that it is something outside of your control. When you say "I can't" is it that you don't want to or that you don't know how to? Take responsibility for your words, your actions and be honest with yourself! If it is something that you don't know how to, ask for help. If it's something you don't want to do, say it. "I don't want to do this", or "I choose not to do this/choose to do something else instead". Taking charge, acknowledging that you have choices available is empowering!
  3. Try - "I will try". We have all said it at one point, and it lets us place the "blame" outside of our control. Most likely, we didn't make it happen. Interestingly though, we never really planned to make it happen in the first place. It is just that it felt easier not to admit it right then and there. Again, come from a place of control, decide and let the other person know whether you will, or won't do it.

Taking control of your world starts by taking control of your words, the communication within yourself and the communication with others.

Remember: The quality of your (business) life is a direct relationship to the quality of your communication

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