What were you thinking?

In a recent workshop, I told the audience “Don’t believe everything you think!”

Now, that I have your attention, let me explain this a bit further.

Look at your business, you probably think that the way you are running your business is the best way of doing it, right?

And where has it gotten you? Are you truly today where you expected to be when you started your journey? All the decisions you have made, the actions you took got you to where you are today.

Satisfied? If yes, that’s awesome! You can stop reading this blog post now and read the next one.

If, however, you say to yourself “Well, it’s not quite where I expected to be”, read on.

Where you are today, is the outcome of your environment, past experiences, and your interpretations of those. Many of your daily activities, including the way you think have formed your habits. Things you do automatically, without even thinking about them consciously anymore. You are on “autopilot”, so to speak.

Today however, I will just share the “conscious thought process” with you and how to tweak it.

T – F – A - R! Have you ever seen these 4 letters in this sequence? They stand for Thoughts – Feelings – Action – Results

What that means is that your thoughts, the thoughts you have right now led you to have certain feelings within yourself. Those feelings determine the type of action you take, or also whether you don’t take any action at all. And based on what you do, or choose NOT to do, you are getting very specific results!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results”?

While it may sound a bit silly as to why someone would do the same things over and over again, yet is expecting different results, it is also obvious from the sequence above why this is happening.

What that means is because the actions you take start with a thought, it is that very thought that needs to be different for you to get a different result!

Tips for getting a different result:
Next time, literally don’t believe what you think and ask yourself the following 2 questions:

  1. What is another way I can look at it?
  2. What would someone with the complete opposite point of view from mine say about the same situation?

The above 2 questions are just examples of how you can generate a distinct feeling within yourself, so that you can take different action and change the result.

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