Get Ready To TAN

Are you ready to TAN?

Before I share with you what TAN stand for, let me circle back to a recent blog post.

I wrote about the 2 “Must Do” activities that will change your business.

Today, I am going to elaborate a little more, specifically on Taking Action!

You can have the best idea since sliced bread but unless you take action, nothing will happen.

I know that I am not telling you anything that you have not heard before or do not know. Yet why is it that some people are sick and tired of the status quo yet do not do anything about it?

If this sounds like you, you know exactly what you do not want, correct? You do not want to continue with the status quo. It is just as easy as that, it just does NOT get you out of your current situation.

“If you want better answers, ask better questions”

Have you heard the above quote?

What this means for you is that the better questions to ask yourself are:

“What DO I want”?

What is it that I want specifically?

Why do I want that?

What will be the benefit once I achieve it and what will be different for me then?


Once you know what it is you want and what you are working towards, you can break the journey down into Action Steps. Small steps taken consistently that keep you on course towards your desired outcome. That is it, end of story!


Any questions?


Of course, I have not shared with you what TAN stands for.


TAN is an acronym that stands for Take Action Now.

You want to take the right kind of action though, the one that keeps you on course towards your desired goal.

When this goal happens to be a course change from your “default future”, the future that you would be having if you would progress on your current journey, then it takes will take additional action steps on your part to accomplish this. This is the area in which most of my clients have the biggest challenge, changing their habitual way of thinking and taking action.

FACT: You can not change your outcome unless you change the things you do!


Are you ready to TAN?

  1. Answer the above “What do I want” questions and write it down
  2. How are you planning to accomplish that? Write it down
  3. What actual action steps are needed for you to accomplish it? Write it down


Review this daily, so that you know precisely what action steps are needed, and why they are needed.

When you make achieving your goal(s) a priority, you will take the time and take action to accomplish them.


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