These 2 “Must Do” Will Change Your Business

Just about 2 weeks into the new year and how is it working out so far?

After the holidays, some people take a bit longer than others to get back on track. Why not, there are still 50 weeks to achieve your goals, aren’t there?

True, and maybe you are exactly on track to achieve your goals, just like last year.

You did accomplish your 2021 goals, didn’t you?

Just in case you fell short a bit, the following 2 things will be your secret weapon to achieve your goals this year!


  1. What skills do you need to improve on?
  2. What activities should you do less off, or stop all together?



What skills you need to improve on:

Look at your business and its performance over the past several years. Has it gone up, down or has it stayed the same? Next, look at how you have run your business over the past few years. How has your work contributed to the results as compared to the overall economy or your industry specific economic cycle? As you know, we have no control over the general economy. We can control our activities.

Let me give you some examples to get you started: How are you managing your employees? As entrepreneurs or business owners, we tend to be initiative-takers and are self-motivated. That is not necessarily true for your employees and that is where your role as coach, cheerleader and manager comes in. How well are you managing them and how are they performing? Another example is the area of marketing and selling, and the specifics are different from business to business. How are you doing in the area of marketing, lead generation and closing? What additional skills might improve this ratio? Let us also not forget about skills that your employees can improve on. For example, communication, customer service or time-management skills.

Once you identify skills you need to improve on, decide on a plan of action, set a deadline, and track your progress.



What activities you should do less off, or stop all together:

These would be activities that are NOT conducive to your bottom line and will increase your efficiency tremendously.

Examples would be spending too much time on social media without a specific business purpose. Going back and forth with your employees and micromanaging them. Activities that you or your employees are doing for which you have more reasons than the results they produce. Other activities that you do “instead” of working. Another one that comes to mind is putting things off until you have time. Many business owners have a lot of ideas that they want to implement “when they have the time for it.” Sounds familiar? Unless you make it a priority, it will never happen! There will always be something more important than doing “that” …

Take an inventory at your daily activities and rank them to what extent these contribute to your bottom line. You might be surprised at the results, and you can decide whether you stop them all together, or delegate theme to someone else.


Take action now and write it down:

  1. What skills do you need to improve on?
  2. What activities should you do less off, or stop all together?


Your business will thank you for that!


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