4 Ways to Sell More

The first month of 2022 is pretty much over. How did you do? Did you accomplish or exceed your sales/income goal?

If you did, congratulations!

What if you are planning on increasing sales?

There are 4 ways to do that:

  1. Sell to more customers
  2. Sell more (of the same) to your current customers
  3. Sell additional products/services
  4. Increase your prices


Let us look at these individually.

  1. Sell to more customers:

If you have been in business for some time, you know your average sale per customer. If you want to increase your monthly sales by a specific amount, you will know precisely how many new customers you would have to acquire to achieve your goal.
Ways to increase your customers could be achieved by increasing your sales and marketing efforts.


  1. Sell more (of the same) to your current customers

Selling more of the same to your current customers means to just have them purchase more of what they are currently buying from you. This is another way of increasing sales


  1. Sell additional products/services

How about offering your customers additional products and services? They are already doing business with you. Now is the time to consider what else they would be buying from you if you would only offer it?



  1. Increase your prices

Increasing your prices for your products or services is another way of increasing your sales. If you feel that you are working too many hours, yet do not want to earn less than you are currently earning, how about increasing your price, so that you will earn the same amount in less time?

Or you are already maxed out with work, yet would like to earn more money, increasing your price might be the way to go




Action Steps:

  1. Take control of your business and set a monthly sales goal.
  2. Determine how to accomplish that by picking any of the 4 ways above.
  3. Take the action steps needed.
  4. Track your results daily and make adjustments if necessary.



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