3 Tips for Better Communication

Have you ever been in the situation where the other person doesn't understand what you are saying or you walked away without your desired result?

Here are 3 tips how you can improve your communication skills:

-Know your desired outcome. When you are clear about what the objective of the conversation is, you will know whether you achieved that goal. Over the past several months, we heard phrases as "Words have consequences", or "Words matter".
Yes, to both! Words do have consequences and words to matter. The words and how you use them can make a difference between getting what you want, or not getting it.

Remember, words can create harmony, or conflict. The choice is yours!


-Listen. Not just hear the other person speak, but listen! Listen to what the other person is saying. Become of the words they are using and how they are saying it. Especially right now during our covid-19 situation it is especially important to listen to the spoken word.
Whereas before, we were able to see the other persons smile and facial expression much better. We now need to pay attention to the words that are being used, so that we can understand what they truly mean and feel.


-Speak their language. You are both speaking the same language, right? Or are you really? If you feel that the other person is not really understanding you, or seems disconnected, chances are that both of you have different communication styles.
That's almost like speaking a different language. They can hear you and understand the words, they just don't connect with you on an emotional level and that's how decisions are being made - emotionally. Are the words they are using indicating a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic communication preference? Match their words and you will notice a difference.


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