I had a wonderful workshop with Hartmut. He is a great speaker and a good listener. He listens carefully and when you say something he will catch your thought and will give a feedback. Now I understood what types of blocks I have relating with the money. Thank you, Hartmut!


Hartmut is such a gentle, loving coach. He was able to get directly to the heart of my issues, yet with his humor and positive outlook, I didn’t feel defensive or angry. With his guidance, I was able to identify and unlock erroneous thinking habits, then motivate me to make the changes I wanted. To have a thoughtful, objective person diplomatically challenge negative thinking patterns so that I can replace them with anabolic thoughts and actions that serve me better, is truly the skill of a good coach. Thanks so much, Hartmut!

T. Guffey,

Hartmut was exceptionally helpful in getting me to take a step back before wasting unnecessary time, energy and money on a potentially fruitless campaign. I had heard him speak once and when he applied his energy to my issues it was quite helpful. Danke, Hartmut.

Nicholas Levenstein,

I really appreciated what he had to say. As I’m very new to the business world, I liked that the content of his presentation was still relevant to my personal life and goals, as well as things I may face later in my career.


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