I am very grateful to have received life and business coaching from Hartmut over a recent 2-year period. Up until then, I'd been stuck in limiting patterns of lack and discouragement, but couldn't find a way out of that rut, despite decades of my own personal growth work. Hartmut gently yet firmly helped me to start setting and reaching achievable goals, building up my confidence, and developing valuable self-care and spiritual habits that brought me back to myself.

As a result, my life got pretty shaken up for while, but as they say...often, it takes a breakdown to have a breakthrough. With his support, I navigated all the sudden changes, while trusting that they were all on purpose for my highest good. And indeed, as of this writing, I have been hired in my Dream Job, I'm driving a new-to-me car that I love, and am looking forward to manifesting even more abundance and blessings in my life through the coming months! Thank you for being there for me, Hartmut.

Teri B.,

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