Stay focused

How is business?

We are entering the 4th quarter of 2021. Just another 3 months, until the end of the year.

12 weeks, 60 “workdays”, not considering the upcoming holiday season. That’s it.

How have you and your business progressed over the past 9 months? What has been working well, and what hasn’t turned out all too good?

What adjustments have you made, or were you just hoping for things to get better?

Hope is not a good business strategy!

You may remember the saying “It is not what happens to you, it matters how you respond to what is happening to and around you”.

And that is where your focus comes in.

I get it, we get distracted here and there. Issues with the supply chain, family situations or something else outside of our control. Whatever it may be needs to be addressed and handled. Other things pertaining to your business may have to wait. Just how much time is passing until you get back on course? For some it might be measured in minutes or hours, maybe days. For others it might be at the end of the year, realizing that they (again) did not accomplish their “New Year Resolutions”, which they made a year ago….

If I would have to guess, I’d guess that the primary reason for that would be because aside from the day they were writing the goals they never looked at them again. Out of sight, out of mind….

Follow these 3 steps to stay focused:

  1. Write down specifically what you want to accomplish (your goal)
  2. Read this daily (ideally in the morning and in the evening)
  3. Take daily action steps that move you closer to your goal

As you are progressing towards your goal, you will notice that many of your daily action steps will become a habit.

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