CCC-Clarity, Confidence and Communication – Part 3

The 3rd C in this series is for communication

The quality of your life is in direct relation to the quality of your communication.

To be even more specific: The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your internal and external communication!

In the last blog, I wrote about confidence and how you communicate with yourself can either reinforce your confidence or shatter it all together.

Your internal conversation, your thoughts set the tone of how you feel about yourself and the events around you. When faced with a challenge, are you saying to yourself “I can’t”, or are you telling yourself “I can”?

If you are like me, I am sure you have told yourself some, or all of the following statements:
I am dumb, I am so stupid or I am not good at selling. Right? And by phrasing it that way, you are labeling yourself as a person, instead of judging your action. Over time, you are becoming what you tell yourself to be, which leads to avoiding the things that are necessary in your line of work.

Let’s take a typical business situation, acquiring new clients. What is your internal dialog around that?
Are you telling yourself all the reasons why a particular prospect is not going to buy your product, or enroll in the service you offer? If that is the case, chances are that you are not even going to be talking to prospective clients. Kind of “what’s the point, they aren’t going to invest in my product or service anyways”. You are probably spending the time instead doing what I call “busy work”. The kind of work that keeps you busy, yet is not directly producing any income. If, on the other hand you are planting the following seed in your mind: “the next person I am talking to is so happy to hear about my product/service and becoming my client is literally going to change their life”, guess how you will feel then about prospecting?

Positive thoughts lead to positive action, while negative thoughts lead to negative action.
Keep in mind that taking NO actions is also a form of "taking action"

Tip: The next time, you have an “I am not good at…” thought, change your thought immediately to: “I am great at …”! Then give yourself 3 reasons why you are great at it right away.

Let’s also take a look at external communication, how you talk to others. What are the words you choose when you talk to people? How are you making them feel? Are you constantly complaining and gossiping, or are you excited and supportive?

Take a business conversation for example with a prospect. How are the words you use make them feel about you and your product/service?
If they are concerned about something, are you acknowledging their concern before addressing it, so that they get a better understanding? Or, is your answer starting with “No,…” or “Yes, but….”
How would you feel about someone else dismissing how you feel about something?

Tip: Become conscious about the words you choose, as well as your intention.

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