Are you truly making an effort?

I recently joined a chamber of commerce softball league and had our first game just a few days ago. I have played a little more than 20 years ago, and consider myself a bit "out of practice". It was exciting to join the team and my position was in left centerfield..

Focusing on the hitter, I saw him hit the ball just over the infield and I started to run towards it. A split second into my run, I figured that I would not be able to catch it, and that I will just pick it up and from the ground and throw it towards a base. In that moment, I already justified what I was planning on doing. After all, I am a bit out of practice, and nobody would ever know whether I gave it my best, right?
The good thing was that I immediately changed my thought, made an extra effort and ran faster, reached down and with my glove in the grass caught the ball. And the hitter is out! We were off to a great start and it felt great. It not only felt great because I had caught the ball, but also because I made an effort to catch it and didn't give up on it.

You see, I was only "competing" against my own thoughts in that moment.
Catching the ball being my goal and deciding whether I actually want to achieve it.

Take a look at your goals. Are you truly making an effort to achieve them?

Let me help you get started. Write down 5 of your goals that you haven't achieved yet.

To be continued...

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