Chart Your Course To Notary Success

Chart Your Course to Notary Success

12 weeks Online Mentoring

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Not quite as successful as you want to be?
Overwhelmed and not quite sure where or how to get started?
It doesn't have to be that way!
Join this 3 months program, get clarity so that you can build your business with less effort, save time and make the money you want to make. That's right, building a lucrative business shouldn't be that difficult. And it isn't, once you know how to do it!
Become the "go to" Notary in your area and stay busy even when the market is slowing down! Be the FIRST choice Notary, as opposed to just an option when everyone else is busy...
Join this Mentoring Coaching Program, learn how to build your business step by step and get results!
What's included :

  • 6 Private (1 on 1) Phone Sessions (30-45min) (Value: $1,200)
  • Unlimited access to 5+ hours of home study videos- see below (Value: $582)
  • Get on OUR list of Notaries to be called FIRST (Value: Priceless)

Bonus: Online Success Assessment, followed by a 60 minute private phone session (Value: $395)

Total Value: $2,177

Special Pricing: $997


Recording #1: Set yourself apart from your competition

  • Business Setup
    • Background Check
    • Insurance requirements
    • Picking the right office equipment
  • Working with Escrow Companies & Signing Services
    • Professional attitude
    • Pricing
    • Establishing a good working relationship


Recording #2: Marketing Blizzard (online and offline)

  • 20+ ways to market your business offline
  • NEW places to network at
  • Advertise your business in 100's of search engines and directories online
  • Locating and registering with Signing Services all over the country
  • OTHER businesses you can market your service to
  • ONE other service you can offer that provides a HUGE profit margin
  • How to locate companies (Escrow, Attorneys, etc.) right in your neighborhood,
    zip code, city or county


Recording #3: Tips for a smooth signing from the time you get the call,

to the time you have gotten paid

  • Getting the call
  • Information you should ask for
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Keeping Escrow or Signing Service informed
  • Receiving the loan docs
  • Quick review of the doc package
  • Red Flags
  • Questions you SHOULD ask the borrower prior to printing
  • Questions you MAY want to ask Escrow/Signing Service prior to printing
  • Printing Docs properly
  • Reviewing specific lenders/escrow instructions
  • What to do when you get to the location
  • Do's and Don'ts during the signing
  • How to handle borrower’s questions
  • Returning the docs to the proper recipient (Escrow, etc.)
  • Follow up (contact after getting paid)


Bonus Recording #1: Time Management - Getting More Done in Less Time


Bonus Recording #2: Energy Blocks (Roadblocks to Success) - What beliefs about yourself and your business are getting in your way, and how to overcome them


Bonus Recording #3: Visioning & Goal Setting - Projecting Your Tomorrow, and Heading Toward it Today



Here is what others said about the home learning course:

Hartmut this was an excellent webinar. Thank you very much - A.s.
Thank you so much, Hartmut! I love working with you and it was a great webinar! - C.P.
Hi, my name is (...) and I am in Highland, Indiana and would like to thank you for this webinar! - R.C.



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