time is up

In less than a month time, this year is coming to an end.

How do you feel about 2021 and all the things you have NOT accomplished? It’s ok, you did well this year, just not quite as you envisioned at the beginning. Maybe you were busy with personal/family situations, or your employees didn’t pull their weight. Whatever may have been the reason for you not accomplishing it all, life and business goes on.


Let’s be honest though! For many entrepreneurs and service professionals, not accomplishing everything this year, is just a repeat of 2020. It is probably also a repeat of 2019, 2018, and the years prior.

It is something that repeats itself year after year.

You start the year out with great intentions and goals that you are certain to achieve by the end of the year. After all, you have 12 months to accomplish them and that should be plenty of time, you say to yourself.


Before I share with you easy to follow steps to achieve your annual goals, let’s first take a look why many small business owners and entrepreneurs fall short.

3 reasons for not achieving your end of year goals:

  1. Fear
  2. Overwhelm
  3. Your team is not pulling their weight


Let’s address one at a time.


Fear of failure is one of the reasons why people don’t accomplish their goals. People like comfortable and what that means is that they like to stay in their comfort zone. When you set a (new) goal, it is probably something that you will not be able to achieve if you stay inside your comfort zone. You need go outside of your comfort zone, maybe do something you have not done yet and that is when your fear is stopping you from moving forward. You’d rather be comfortable and remain the same than facing the change you need to go through to accomplish your goal.



If you are a solopreneur, chances are you are wearing many different hats. What that means is that you constantly have to decide what you should be spending your time on. Being overwhelmed leads to stress and frustration. As a result, you probably focus on “feel good” activities, something that that gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment. Many times, these are not high income or high impact activities.


Your team is not pulling their weight:

You finally have a “team”. Whether they are your employees, or independent contractors from whose work you benefit, how satisfied are you with their performance and productivity? How, if at all, are you managing them? If you are not managing them nor inspiring or motivating them, they might just work enough to not get fired. Have you noticed that yet, or are you too busy with everything you are handling?

Have you ever had the need to do something yourself instead of delegating it because it is faster when you do it, rather than teaching someone else how to do it?

There is a reason why your team is not pulling their weight and it is your responsibility to make sure they are!


Now that I have shared these 3 reasons why people don’t achieve their goals, which category applies to you?


Next time, I will share with you specific steps how you CAN achieve your end of year goals.

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